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warn appeal kanye east (pyro gaming) i forgor where to put up warn appeals

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Your SteamIDSTEAM_0:1:164465819


In-game name: kanye east


Time and date of warn (Use timezone): 31/10/22


Name of the Staff Member that warned you: Cooper


Further details:

Cooper warned me for despawning a base during a raid. The base had nothing inside, no keypads and doors to protect it as well as i had just gotten back from the ban and was trying to get a hold of an old base from someone. They loitered there for a bit and called an admin, which they then tried to get me done in for fail base. that failed so they moved on with the issue of me respawning and despawning a base (I was looking for the correct build).


Any evidence you can provide:



Have you become familiar with the rules?:


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Unfortunately the original sit was for you despawning the base during a raid. You may not have had any keypads or valuables but as admins we cannot check this all we can see is that a base was respawned during a raid which is against the rules even with no valuables. I'm sure if there was video proof of them loitering for longer than the allowed time in the rules etc the warn can get removed but you are not allowed to despawn a base for any reason during raid, if people are loitering then an admin sit can fix that. Sorry.
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While what you have said may be true, without evidence there is no way to confirm it. While obviously not too many people think it is necessary to clip every small thing you do on a garrys mod server it is suggested that you have a clipping software that's ready that can go back 5-10 minutes in case you are grabbed into a sit.

Your warning will remain.


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