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Aidans Weapons BL and RDM Appeal


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Your SteamID (Paste your Steam Profile Link into https://steamrep.com/): STEAM_0:0:42708156


In-game name: Aidan Fennessy


Time and date of BL (Use timezone): Approx 11:30pm AEST


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: Mesman


Further details: I was weapon blacklisted due to the following:

I was killed via a Hit, which is fine. The clip shows that my battle medic Tony, then got arrested for trying to kill the hitman. I respawned, rehired Tony (As normal, I do this at each death). I exited spawn, and saw him getting arrested, and killed the Officers as he was a hired class by me (Hence getting involved as we have an RP relation).


I was BL'd and warned for 2x RDM/NLR by mesman as he believed the situation broke NLR, and due to this the kills were RDM as they were not support by a roleplay scenario. He argued the point that Tony was unhired when I died (Which I do not deny, thats automatic) but did not confirm if I rehired him upon respawn.


My argument isnt that Mesman is objectively wrong. After seeing the clip, it is clear that the Arrest was a direct result of me dying and valid. HOWEVER, my point isnt that that stance is wrong.


My point, is that I HAVE to assume by the rules that the situations are unrelated. I exit spawn, with a new life, and a hired class, and see he is being arrested. Due to me being dead, I did not see the arrest unfolding as per the clip, so it would be Metagaming for me to assume the situations were connected.


I acted with due diligence in NOT metagaming, because that would be breaking the rules. As per the rules, and as per what I saw, I did not know I was re-engaging in the situation that resulted in my death. I was rather re-entering my new life, and attending to an RP situation that my hired class was in, not realizing it was a continuation of my last death.


My point is, It seems unfair for me to be Warned and BL'd, due to me acting with the information I knew with intent to not be Metagaming.


It WOULD have been a fair ban, IF i knew that the situation I was re-entering was the same RP situation in which I died. But, without Metagaming I could not have known this.



Any evidence you can provide: Mesman has a clip which shows the POV of the reporter.


Have you become familiar with the rules?: I am familiar with, and remain familiar with them. As above, the entire situation is that I did not Metagame, which apparently led to the warn.

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Personally I think running back to your battle medic after being killed and saving them from being arrested is a clear violation of the rules. However the clip does show for a split second that you had rehired Tony, this was a detail I had missed upon watching the clip for the first time.


Tony was involved in the RP situation that led to your death, he had killed the hitman the instant they killed you. You can not run back to Tony and then interfere with the RP situation that followed the altercation with the hitman. That being that Tony was being arrested. The hitman killing you and Tony being arrested aren't separate RP situations, one happened as a result of the other. As far as the officers arresting Tony should be concerned, you should be dead and no long involved in whats happening.

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Thanks for the reply mate.


I do not fundamentally disagree with what you are saying. IF I knew at the time what you and I now know from seeing the video, I would agree.


But, note that my back is to them both. I was killed from behind, and Tony was also behind me. I did not know that the RP situation extended beyond my death. I did not know tony engaged in combat, and did not know that this eventually led to an arrest. For this reason, I did not see a rule violation as I had nothing to connect the RP situation in which I died, to the one I thought was legitimate as a Hired class of mine was being arrested after respawn.


The entire point is, you either want me to play by the rules, which is acting on the information I have, or to Metagame/FailRP and obtain information for a situation that I didnt see to avoid situations like this. Either way, I seem to 'break' a rule in your eye.


I am seeing your point, where if I saw what unfolded my actions would have been unjust. I am asking you to understand that I did not visually see the situation that you are referring to, THAT is why I am saying it was an unjust punishment.


I would be in agreeance with you IF I saw him being arrested, and continued to pursue the line of RP which ended when I died. But, I didnt, so I see no rule being broken.

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