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GolTAW's Amazing SWAT Commander Application


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~~ Before I start this off, when I say SWAT I refer to SWAT Members, SWAT Medic, SWAT Juggernaut and SWAT Sniper, not just SWAT. I understand some may be not well known who I am, but I received the all clear to apply for Commander by High Command. ~~




  • Your total game time must be 2 days and over. (1 Week+ at time of posting, will update as needed or as we go)
  • You must be well known within the Police Department. (Well known to old and working on the new)
  • You must be well informed of all our rules, especially PD/SWAT/DT rules. (I am informed, including it's recent change)
  • You must be age 15 and over. (I am over 15 year old)




SteamID: STEAM_0:1:87923949


Age: 15+

Pleae note: Due to a recent doxing incident (don't ask), I prefer to not give out my exact age. Please privately contact me if it is absolutely needed, but I am sure most of you know I am over 15 :)


Discord User#: GolTAW#1357


What is your gametime? (Post a screenshot): 1667112920563.thumb.png.50ff33df38988e775b486ba3154b5931.png


How many warnings do you have? (Post a screenshot):



How many Softbans/Blacklists do you have? (Post a screenshot):


What is your current Police rank?: Chief Inspector


What is your current SWAT rank?: Command Sergeant Major


What is your current Detective rank?: Detective


What are your other ranks? (Sniper, Medic, etc.): Sniper: PFC, Medic: PFC, Juggernaut: PFC




Why do you believe that you should be a Commissioner/Commander/Dt-CO?:

Hello, I am GolTAW (Again). Still making my way back into the community but this is the next stepping stone for me.



Let me start off by explaining my serious. If my memory recalls correctly, I believe I was the first SWAT Commander when the Police Department changes were introduced ( I could be wrong, but I know I was one of the very first ). During my time there, I was great recognition towards my commitments to the Police Department, helping both sides (Commissioner and Commander), editing and finalizing rough test sketches and overall proving a greater Police RP experience to theses before. As per usual, I will list/jot down some reasons why I believe I should become a SWAT Commander again.


I have exceptional experience in both the SWAT Commander and Police Commissioner role. I know only people who knew me back a while ago will remember, but I am more than fully aware on how the Commander is expected to behave/run, as well as I have adapted to the fairly new PD Regulations and Rules.



A good SWAT Commander needs good leadership skills. After all, it's in the name COMMAANDER. Jokes aside, I know I have shown and will continue to show great leadership skills to lead the operation to a success. I am someone who doesnt go by the Rush n kill style, but being smart about it and utilizing whatever asests have valiable to our fullest potetnional to ensure success.



I am not a Commander/Person who is power hungry. I treat everyone the same, respect everyone and never demand respect. I show fairness when dealing with situations to remove protentional bias as well as provide help to those who need it to point them in the right direction.


Descion Making Skills:

A good commander needs to know how to make effective and executive decision. Yes, this may lead into point [2], but I feel like I should elaborate in this specific kind. Anything can happen on a day-to-day job, and as a commander of arguably the most important Police Division, every decisions needs to be make through effective thinking and analysation/adaption to the situation. Taking everyone opinion into account can help achieve this because you never know what you may of missed.



Explain what you would be giving to the community, once received this role:

To the community as a whole, hopefully better roleplay experience for both Police (SWAT in particular obviously) as well as civillians. I see alot of commanders who re great but could use more Roleplay assests that they are lended to them. I will hose UNIQUE events/partrols for the PD, and I vow to also provide specialized training/events/partrols for those who are SWAT, includidng different events/ptrols for different clsses (Combat medic, sniper, juggernaut training). I want to be a commander who will actually focus on SWAT over Police (while not ignoring their needs) to give everyone in the SWAT team no matter their rank or role a greater chance at Roleplay. That is what I will give to the community.


What are some qualities that make you stand out from other Police Officers?

I have to refer back to question one but I will do my best here. Obviously I am more experienced with the role, even having a taste of High Command as well and experience working with them closely. I am someone who is friendly but mature who will always take into account what others may think to achieve greater results. I am someone who is active and will always look for ways to improve the SWAT section of PD including it's specialized Trusted/VIP role in it too. I will also take my responsibilities to the letter and ALWAYS welcome feedback because I believe a great commander is one who works with their peer, not to be power-hungry.



Do you agree not to abuse or misuse the powers given?: I agree to not mis-use my powers if I am accepted.


Do you agree that your powers will be stripped completely if misused?: I agree my powers will be stripped is misused.

Do you agree to follow the Commissioner & Commander expectations once given?: I agree to follow the expectations.



SWAT Command Sergeant Major

Police Chief Inspector


Good guy

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Working back with TAW in Supremacy and Iconic it was clear to see that he was a stand out commander and was probably one of the most active with the most experience and advanced understanding of the rules is demonstrated with his 0 warns and 1 week game time.


Your application is very detailed and I believe you fit everything this role requires and more but the only thing that doesn’t sit with me is I think this application is a bit too early and you still have more time to prove yourself to people who didn’t know you before orbital but that’s just a drop in the ocean of what is an amazing candidate and application so I will be confidently be giving you a +1


Good Luck man

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the more I think about your application, your past and how often vie seen you the last week. I have changed my mind and I'm giving you a +1. I only ever had good experiences with you and I don't see that changing, you also use to be a commander and the application is great.

You are overall a benefit to the server and i and many other people can see it, hoping to see you on the command team!


Best of luck: wallaby

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Okay starting off yes you have just recently rejoined the community and yes this is a problem however you have plenty of experience being a previous Commissioner and Commander and the community will get to know you as you create events do probational trainings etc. this application is also very well formatted and does justice showing that you have good intentions. I have no doubts that it will take you very long to become situated within the server once more


Good luck!

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+1 its so large

l have only seen you recently but you have shown you worth towards the SWAT, you definitely have you far share of experience within swat by the immensely high swat rank, and also that from fellow responses you definitely would be a great fit for being a swat commander also that you have previous experience as a SWAT Commander and commissioner

l forgor that l had the lean thing on oh well

L hope you can enjoy being a Commander mate, also we need someone to mark some private test since commanders are so lazy

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Exceptionally well written application, if I was going off the app alone it'd be an easy +1, as it's extremely detailed and illustrates your dedication to the job. You do have HC experience which is great and I have seen you around and active a fair bit.


Best of luck, I'd love to have you join the command team.

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everyone has pretty much already pointed out the obvious so I don't really have much to say beside the fact that I believe TAW is one of the best current SWAT players. (I was obviously better in my prime) I have seen his leading abilities first hand so I know that if TAW is granted a place in command that he will do exceedingly well. Good Luck TAW.


- ZomZie, the coolest guy in the server.

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