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better reward for PD raid


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i have played alot of DarkRP server and orbital is by far my favourite. but i have always felt raiding the PD is useless other than all the police printers, in the other servers i have played they had a cash stash in the mayors vault/safe room. i feel this would be great because it would make more people want to raid PD.

we dont even need to add a cash reward. even if we added the armory lock pick again would be good.

thanks for listening have a good day :)

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You should edit this to fit the suggestion template and put it in the Garry's Mod discussion instead of general forum discussion but I think it would be cool if PD gave you shipments from raiding the armoury or something like that. I've always seen PD raiding as high risk high reward as it is challenging but you can usually get a lot of printers from it, however adding this would create a greater RP experience. +1
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