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Gecko's Warn Appeal


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(Not sure if there isn't specific place for warn appeals or i'm just blind so i'll just put this here)


Your SteamID (Paste your Steam Profile Link into https://steamrep.com/):


In-game name:


Time and date of warn (Use timezone):


Name of the Staff Member that warned you:

Homer CockyFlops

Further details:

The reason for the warn was that i wasn't hired before i killed a guy named Lamar (the warn was for ARDM) but i was hired less than a minute after i had first started to fire at him (which is what the logs said according to the staff taking the ticket) and due to the time it must've taken to register me accepting the hire offer it must have seemed that i had ARDM the victim which i had no intention of doing whatsoever and those who know me would understand the small and innocent mistake that i committed.

Any evidence you can provide:

Sadly the only evidence i could provide is a image of the warn but other than that i feel that not only being a trusted member of this community but a good friend to a few members of the staff team and the fact that i went all this way to write this entire application should go to show how far i'm willing to go to have this warn removed from my profile and for my clean reputation to stay the way it has ever since joining this server and its community.

Have you become familiar with the rules?:

Due to my playtime of over 4 weeks i do fully understand the rules and know that all rule breaks should be taken very seriously.

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