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false warn


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Your SteamID https://steamcommunity.com/id/Nzhvh/

the reason why i am posting in here is because i don't have perditions to post the there correct place

In-game name: cooperv2


Time and date of ban (Use timezone):au time what ever the fuck that is


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: mr osama the pusso


Further details: i was waned for prop block and believe it was very unfair i simply place 1 cone and deleted it and don't it about 2 other times also instantly deleting them, at the time it was just me and osama i was no told to not and did not get a verbal warning (would of been nice)


Any evidence you can provide:i don't have any evidence but im sure osama would not lie about something so small


Have you become familiar with the rules?: yes

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Hey Cooper!


I asked you a few times to stop spawning props in on the main road and then deleting them, as not only were you spamming them down, but I had a chat with you earlier on for you to stop as you were also prop boosting yourself. I believe personally that if you are placing down props on main street when I have consistently told you off for it, this warn is fair.


I genuinely believe that I gave you a bit of leverage here as I didn't warn you when you were doing it multiple times solely to try and be a minge I'm going to provide evidence of you continuously doing it even after telling you to stop previously.


You say that you placed one cone when it was in fact multiple times as shown by the clip below, if any evidence needs to be shown of you actually being told off by me I can provide that as well.


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