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Positive Staff Report - Officer Kennedy


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Hi Team,


Sorry if this is the wrong area - couldn't find a spot for positive feedback


Your in game name: Gerald Genderson


Time of incident: 14/10/2022 ? Time


Staff member(s) you are reporting: Officer Kennedy and another officer (Name has slipped me)


Details of the incident: We were attacked by a group of cops whilst not actually doing anything. Officer Kennedy investigated this and provided my team with a refund to the amount that we would have made if we finished our transaction (we had no guns out, nor had we actually started the transaction).


Overall it was a net positive experience and I think staff like this deserve to be called out :)


Any evidence (If Any):


I put a message in OOC about how kind they were if that helps.

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[JUSTIFY]Hey there, Gerald,


I appreciate your positive feedback about our Community Manager Tuppy and Head Administrator Pharam. I'm pleased to hear it. Just for the future, you can provide feedback through the Discord Ticket System, forums discussion threads, etc. But don't worry, I'm more than happy if anything. Once again, thank you very much![/JUSTIFY]

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