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Lucin Soups warn appeal

lucin shupe

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Your SteamID (Paste your Steam Profile Link into https://steamrep.com/):


In-game name:

Lucin Soup

Time and date of warn (Use timezone):

8:00 - 8:15


Name of the Staff Member that warned you:



Further details:

while building a base I wanted it to be checked incase if there was any problems in that base that could get me in trouble, after being told that I had to change some of the dmg detecting windows (which I did) and to shorten it as it was hanging over the side of a building too much, later I was told that it was unrealistic as it seemed as it was floating and I have to remove it so I argued that I could add support beams. so after getting confirmation from another admin I removed it. After the issue had been resolved without any consequences I went about my business until I was teleported by Pharam which just got on and told me that I was getting my trusted removed and a warn, for the the base that hadn't been used and was still being built and after the base was removed and the issue was resolved 30mins prior to him teleporting me.


Any evidence you can provide:


I would put in a picture of that base but a minor prop abuse it worthy of you trusted being stripped.


Have you become familiar with the rules?:

I have become very familiar with the rules I just forgot that you can get in trouble for building a base that is unrealistic and not using it.

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Hello Lucin,


So another staff member took your ticket explaining that he was unsure about the base, he said it should be fine if you shorten it so its not overhanging. I was called in to have a look and put my perspective and opinion on the situation, i told you it was a unrealistic base and i asked you to remove it, you consistently argued with me on my decesion and couldnt listen to what i was saying.


I mentioned i would kick you for prop clear if you did not as there was no other higher ranking staff members. You still argued with me and started opening fire on me. I froze you as i was only trying to talk and explain, you were angry that i froze you because you wanted to save the base "and dupe it back once we left the server". Pharam was called into the sit to help out and put his take on it, then you recieved the warn and stripped of the trusted after myself and another staff member were telling you to remove it.


I think that the way pharam handled the situation was fair as you could of easily removed the base for us, and made our lives easier instead of wasting a higher demand staff's time.


You still do not realise that what you did was wrong, you were told a verdict by multiple staff members and still did not listen.


Good luck

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Hey Lucin,


You have been on thin ice with your trusted rank for quite some time now as I told you several times, last night I got a message from a staff member that you have a failbase and were giving a nasty attitude back to said staff member with snarky comments such as "I have more hours than you".


As a trusted member you are expected to know and follow the rules, with your failbase and your poor attitude towards the staff member I got on the server and warned you for your failbase and stripped you of your trusted.

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[JUSTIFY]You've already been on thin ice with your previous incident by pasting 1000 big props on the event room and almost making the server crash, you may reapply for your Trusted in 2 weeks so please take this time to reevaluate your actions and be more respectful to the staff members.[/JUSTIFY]

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