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Infamous DWIT Toby Ban Appeal


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Name of the Staff Member that banned you:

Console (Terra)


Further details:

My ban reason is "Attempting to use exploit" or along the lines got off the server but the exploit in question was "Stealing dupes of playerbases" essentially, Now I do understand that if said exploit was being used on the server it would create a sense of "fear" in players who spend hours sweating creating the perfect base in their eyes. But what I don't understand is how you people determine who a base belongs to because it seems like you're just taking whoever creates the tickets word which isn't very fair if either player can't provide any proof. The incident that got me banned was for allegedly taking 7up's base dupe and pasting it down in front of him which isn't a very smart move if I knew it "belonged" to him I've shown the file created date minutes after I heard what he was accusing me of to Homer and I'll put the image below aswell but that should be just the enough proof I need to show that I had the base beforehand all that he's done is show a clip of a base down and say "it's mine he stole it" and had a group of people also backing him up, if that's the case and works then surely I'd be able to do the same thing to other players and say they're just stealing my bases correct? As well as saying just because DWIT is a suspicious clan it's really not DWIT is a name that goes back a few years for a group and the only suspicious things being spread around about the name are made up by the players themselves calling us Mass RDM'ers and saying we crashed the server when he hadn't even crashed a few weeks ago. DWIT hasn't done any actual "monetary" damage to players in game money or even caused any damage except for the fake warn I got to someone to prove a point if people just didn't think the worse this whole thing could be avoided. Me and others have listened to what we've been told to stop doing certain things like killing ourselves before sits to get into the admin room (It did happen earlier but that's because I had called a sit because I was killed spawning into the server by Pharam) and the taze exploit which I don't recall doing at all recently, No alleged stolen dupes have been spread other than the one which i got off marketplace that I had no prior knowledge in knowing was stolen other than that there is 0 evidence of me somehow duping player bases that I know of or have been spoken to about. The final comment I want to make is that unless someone can prove that it is 100% prove it's their base or have any redeeming evidence that it was spawned I came over to it then later on spawned it in because not once in my playtime that session did I see 7up paste that base down and I think he's just making up some twisted revenge plot due to me and Chase getting warned probably an hour prior along with all his Mates backing him up and saying we were talking about the server then when pressed on the matter says "didn't clip it though" if you've archived the ticket you could go back and view these messages said.


Any evidence you can provide:

I've shown a few seconds of a 3 minute clip in a ticket to Terra and the reasons accusers of me and Chase just making printer noises while looking at their base and a screenshot to Homer of the file creation date which is far more than a clip of base down and saying "It's mine" I also have the ~5 minute recording of me and chase making printer noises walking around a base if you want to watch that i'll stream seems pointless to Upload

I would attach the dupe file below to see for yourself but apparently that'd be spreading "7up's base" since it's all 100% owned by him and not just saying it because he's got a bone to pick



Have you become familiar with the rules?:

Suppose so

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[JUSTIFY]Although there is no evidence that you copied their exact dupe, it is nonetheless concerning that you instilled doubt and fear in our player base by joking that you were going to dupe their base. Your ban will remain in place.[/JUSTIFY]

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