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appeal for 1D racial slur ban


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steam id: 76561197972409903


in-game name: bonKa


Time and date of ban: I got banned around 9:40 AEST 9/09/2022


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: Sinister


Further details: i just finished up building my dice game which took around 3 hours, then when i finished i ran into a kid which i was helping with the oil refiner job. I ran into someones therapy room (their roleplay service) then sinister tped to me and banned me for saying the n word for a day. I asked for him to clip it so he could show me and so he could of realised that it wasnt me that said it but then he banned me for 1 day and told me to appeal


Any evidence you can provide: no evidence because my geforce experience wasnt running (but i just turned it on for future incidences)but the guy i was talking to in the therapy room was also confused on why i was getting banned.


Have you become familiar with the rules?: I used to be a bit of a minge and i got several warns on different things but now im trying to play more seriously (as i said i was just working on a dice game for 3 hours) and im not familiar with them. It's just annoying when admins now judge me without even giving proof based off my past warns

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Hello Bonka


BONKA WORDS. ( I used to be a bit of a minge and i got several warns on different things but now im trying to play more seriously )


First of all I would like to say, you still are a MINGE, trying to defend what you know you done wrong, plus playing innocent you're serval warns still show that you are not MATURE, if you wanted to play more serious you would of been more straight forward with me and accepted the ban that you have received and not argued or fight against it.


I was ( Cloaked ) as admin walking around main street, while I was roaming around, I heard you saying a racial slur, only reason why I didn't clip it, was because I was present at the time, you didn't see me I flew to you and explain what you done wrong, you was acting all innocent like nothing happen ( johnny the guy that you where with was just mocking around I know he heard you saying the racial slur, he probably didn't want you muted, he was a witness) I brought him to the sit after to confirm what you done, and he clarified that you said it even though you're saying you didn't.


I gave you the wrong warn because I haven't checked the warns that you have but when I did, I could see that you have an active recent warn for ( racial slur ) from pharma, which I had ban you for a day, since it's the next punishment.


In Additional, I could see that you have racial remarks in the past and homophobic remarks.




I don't like the fact that you think I would warn/blacklist or even ban a player in the community for no valid reason, you're one was valid, I was there at the scene and plus you made a false ticket ( got warn falsely ), plus you messaged and pinged me in general discord when you could of simply went to forums, and not waste any admins time.








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