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Medic Revamp


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Let me preface this by saying that this is 2 suggestions in one, indicated by their different colours.


What category does this suggestion apply to? (Map, Addons, Discord, Forums, Other): Coding


Details/Information about your suggestion:


Let medics see /000 calls, so that players can use /000 to request healing. Additionally change the default job name from 'Medic' to 'Paramedic'


Add a new item to the F4 menu that medics have the option to buy, a shipment of medkits/health vials that heal players for 50HP upon interacting with them. Shipments should be purchasable for $10,000 for 10.


How do you think this will benefit the server?:


A simple suggestion, but one I think would greatly improve playing on the server both game play and roleplay wise. It makes complete sense that you would use /000 to call for medical assistance, its an emergency hotline, not just a police hotline. Coming across healing on the server when you're not a medic itself can be a challenge if there isn't a medic hanging around main street just healing who ever he sees. Calling for a Medic creates a much more intuitive process to getting healed, instead of running to main street and yelling "Is there a medic!" or flooding advertisements with "[Advertisement] player: can a medic come to industrial pls :) xoxo" you can simple call /000 and ask for medical assistance. Police will probably just ignore it whilst a medic would come running as they finally have something to do rather than being a traveling healer, role playing a healing vending machine or dealing out aids pills to junkies. Making players call /000 instead of using advertisements or OOC keeps the process of getting healed closer to the RP instead of making it everyone's business by broadcasting it to the whole server.


A medic is not always guaranteed, sometimes the only way back up to 100HP is to throw yourself off a building or suddenly collapse while screaming if karma permits it, I have no clue how many times I've decided I'd rather kill myself while playing as PD than walk all the way back to the armory. What if it didn't have to be like this? What if suicide rates on the server dropped to 0 overnight? Adding a shipment of healing, whether it's bandages, stimpacks, medkits, health vials, I don't care as long as it heals me. What I'm suggesting isn't an equip-able medkit like the medic jobs have, I'm suggesting a system similar to how Kevlar works but for healing.



Another expense to factor for, thus helping to adjust for an inflated in game economy

Another reason to buy a pocket expansion, therefor more revenue and more development

Converts medic into a pseudo vendor, something the server is lacking (there's only really gundealer and BMD)



Less demand for battle medics, being one of the most played jobs I don't see this causing too much harm


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