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Mexi Is Retiring


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Yes, you read the title correctly,

As of today, the 2nd of July Mexi is resigning as administrator due to my work becoming full time again after the pandemic

In Tasmania, there is no more threat of coronavirus to the wellbeing of hospitality workers and I will be returning to my job as a chef/kitchen aid and will have no time to staff on the server because the stress would be unnecessary.


I thank you for all the enjoyment you guys on the server have given me and the friends I've made in and out of the staff team.


Below is a google drive link to my advanced dupe 2 folder, so if anyone wants one of the many builds I've made, feel free. Some will probably not work due to me buying a larger prop limit but if you find something that works for you all the better.




Best of luck to the team and to the players that I met. Cya lads

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