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Demogorgon's Ban Appeal

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Hello, to whoever this concerns. i have been permanently banned from the orbital DarkRP server. i had originally been banned for 3 days for "text abuse" which was my fault but was unintentional. i was using what i meant as the Japanese "manji" symbol, but was mistaken for the "nazi" symbol. i was happy to wait out the 3 days up until i realised about 40 minutes ago my brother was on his steam and tried to join the server for the first time and now we're both perma-banned for "ban evasion" if you could lift the ban and attempt to reimburse the 1 day and a half or so that a had left on my ban would be great, thankyou.


The Cock Johnson, he banned me originally

My ban was on the 26/8/2022 at 3am aest.


i have become familiar with the rules at an earlier time.

thankyou for your time.

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The manji symbol are only used by the buddhism religion as it is part of their culture and their intention was to depict temples/buddhism. If you would mind to educate yourself, the manji symbol has been replaced already to be more tourist-friendly 2 years ago.

Your way of using this Manji symbol was for ill-intentions.


As for the "brother" situation, it is your own responsibility for your own account to what will happen to it no matter what.


See you in the next ban wipe

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