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Cars, and a bigger map.

Willy Fiddler

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I know this is a big thing and I understand it will take a while but, other servers from different countries have these really large maps and cars. Since this is really the only active server in Australia we don't have much of an option. I think people would spend more time on the server if there was some sort of car/vehicle and a larger map with more places to base. The roads would probably need to be bigger, but admins spawn in cars and there is room. I have a few examples that would be good for inspiration. I also found a pack on steam for the map. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1620959905. I do understand that this is a big change but it would be great for the server.1661219098045.thumb.png.9bf3093401266b8afd8222cf85325028.png1661219110641.thumb.png.1123f345591bd040d51cdd74d8e93d75.png1661219124736.thumb.png.89f7e851e728579e53b352b52e9612c6.png1661219151053.thumb.png.f4ab2be95b5d3187e4fc37183797ecbd.png
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Cars in DarkRP servers I usually disagree with as they tend to make the server lag, and just in general the map currently is not needed with cars included. Also adding a bigger map is unnecessary as the server does not reach enough people to make the map larger, therefore it would leave mass amounts of areas untouched and dead.


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