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Ban appeal


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Your SteamID unsure where that is?


In-game name: Papa_Bacon


Time and date of ban (Use timezone): today sometime


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: Adam Lui


Further details:


Any evidence you can provide:nil


Have you become familiar with the rules?:yes



The first weapon ban i had:

Today i seen a police and civilian gang up on someone who did nothing wrong the civilian shot him and the police said nice work so i shot the civilian who killed the innocent guy and ran away because they were chasing me and the civilian shot the cop accidentally when aiming for me and killed him i ran underground and hid from him for 10 mins or so before having to leave i came back and i could no longer use my weapons and i was banned too

i tried asking an admin how to submit this but he picked me up and threw me down killing me while he held me there for everyone to stab me not answering my question... i asked 10 times





First LLA ban i had:

Today i had a AMD HD 6450 graphics card that overheats if you do things to quick in a game and it would overheat even if i was talking to admins about questions it was awkward... i got arrested for standing to close to a police officer and he arrested me and the gun he used i think its a grav gun freaked my computer out and i was still at the spot he arrested me at but everything was frozen but i could hear him dragging me ... i turned off my pc and went out and bought a amd 7800 series gpu ( that does not overheat) and came back installed it to find out i have a LLA ban

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