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Fuel refiner "Fuel refiner foreman"


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What category does this suggestion apply to? (Map, Addons, Discord, Forums, Other):


Addons (New job, no new content required)


Details/Information about your suggestion:


Add a job that acts as a mob boss/gang leader for the fuel refiners, the purpose of this job is simply to set up a fading door at the entrance of the fuel area, and only he would be able to build it/would be able to approve someone else to build it. This new job would have access to an agenda that all fuel refiners could see, and this new job is required to put the code to the fading door in the agenda (failure to do so after being told to by a staff member would be considered FailRP). This new job should be restricted to Trusted+ and there would only be 1 player slot.


Additionally the shed with the hidden underground area should be changed to work similarly to the PD doors, as in only the fuel refiners could open and base within. Again only the new job would be allowed to build the fading doors, (a max of 2 within the entire fuel refiner area, so either 2 at the front or 1 at the front and 1 underground) and he must input the code into the agenda.


With this new job, The fuel refiners should be moved to a new category in the job menu, this category would be called something like "Orbital Fuel Co." for example, and all fuel refiners would have RP relations along with the new "Foreman" job.


How do you think this will benefit the server?:


This suggestion attempts to streamline the rule that fuel refiners may block off the entrance to the fuel area with a fading door, and make the player who builds the fading door less ambiguous, it would no longer be whoever started building first, but instead who picks the job first.


The addition of the new rule where fuel refiners could block off their area has always been one or the servers more "subjective" and least thought out rule. When it was first introduced there would always be conflicts of interest, where players would attempt to base in the underground shed area while the fuel refiners blocked it off. This would mean any potential raiders would find themselves having to raid or disguise themselves into the fuel area and then raid the shed.


Lore wise, having an actual fuel company operating in orbital city makes much more sense, rather than 6 freelance oil barons dicking about in the corner of the map. It's not that important, but it would be a nice change to make the server feel more real.


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