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Change the punishment for open carrying (PD Suggestion)


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What category does this suggestion apply to? (Map, Addons, Discord, Forums, Other):


Rule change


Details/Information about your suggestion:


Change the police protocols for arresting someone for open carrying to instead be a confiscation of weapons. This would extend to 1 handed weapons after being warned to put it away and of course 2 handed weapons (black market weapons should remain illegal and therefor an arrestable offence). How ever if a person resisted being searched they could be arrested for "Resisting arrest/pat down". This would require that the weapon checker swep be moved down to constable+ instead of sergeant+. Training guides and manuals will also have to be adjusted.


How do you think this will benefit the server?:


No one likes being arrested, being stuck in jail for 5 minutes is awful, especially when you're a new player who doesn't even know why they were arrested. My suggestion is to increase the utilization of the weapon checker swep, which I barely ever see used and was basically shoehorned into the Police arsenal as just another toy for high ranking police players to mess around with, and no one really knowing how and when it is meant to be used.


Weapon checking promotes general role play while being game play friendly and reducing the down time criminal players will spend in jail. Its also a bit more realistic, Currently being in possession of an unlicensed weapon or ignoring a lawful order to put a weapon away, carries the same punishment as murder, kidnapping, domestic terrorism, production and distribution of illicit substances, racketeering, armed robbery. The punishment should suit the crime and just having your weapons confiscated instead of being locked up with these dangerous criminals seems fair enough to me.


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