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Past and Current staff, what made you want to apply?


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Arily got me into staffing back when I was playing on SUP. He asked if I liked to apply, after playing round in the community for a couple months I decided to give it a try and quite enjoyed it. I applied here since I decided to keep doing something in gmod since it was still a decent passion of mine at the time. I reapplied again because an annoying little 15 year old finally stop working with the server
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Back on sup I could never get staff bc of my age and only achiever commissioner and trusted, after time it can start to get boring not being able to move up and you really just want to try your chances at staff unfortunately I couldn’t do that until iconic/old orbital came out and I was given the chance to apply which was honestly much more enjoyable then any other role I played, I think also seeing other people you’ve interacted with get it makes you want it yourself.
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