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More Interrogation's


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What category does this suggestion apply to? (Discord, Forums, Other):

Gmod/In game


Details/Information about your suggestions: More Interrogation's happen, if someone was in a group, like gangster, gangs or a criminal hire gets arrested, before he gets put in jail someone from the police can Interrogate the criminal, asking where is there base, what are they trying to do or just find out where they are.


How do you think this will benefit the community?: I know there are Interrogation's in the game but using it more can create more rp situations, and make the community more aware of getting arrested because it puts there friends in danger.



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Thats the point of the detective branch inside of the police department, detectives jobs are to investigate large groups/gangs of people and their bases. If they want to gather more information on an RP scenario they may interrogate a suspect, however, its not easy as majority of the time the group stick together and it wont be easy to grab one of their members.




Detectives are expected to interrogate suspects but they rarely do.

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