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What’s the deal with weed %

Delsi Cuntigen

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100% weed is impossible (as far as I know)

You make new strains to increase THC %

Your "base strain" (Look at what's written on the seed to see, such as Dark Devil) maxes out at a certain %, such as how AK-47 base strain maxes out at 22%.

The most I've ever seen was a Dark Devil base strain with 38% THC, so I believe it maxes out at 40%, however if you have a strain above 40% please let me know.

Most Dark Devil base strains are at around 35%, so I believe the need to combine a lot of weed to make it go above that, which isn't worth the time, and you could probably make more money faster of 35%

The higher the THC, the more your weed sells for

This is all of my memory and my own experience, so some of this may be incorrect

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