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Burt's Commissioner Application


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SteamID: STEAM_0:0:602845997


Age: 16


Discord User: Quackles#5418


Gametime: (photo) 1659185510014.png.2b031ccc5824caa0aaa9a46379e2a4ce.png


Warnings: (photo)




Current Police rank: Senior Sergeant


Current SWAT rank: Private


Other ranks: Senior Detective



Why should I be a Commissioner or Commander?:

I am an active member of the community that has a laugh and a go on the server. I will be able to help lighten up the PD by hosting fun events and teaching people about different skills.


What would I be giving to the community once reviewed role:

I will host events, promote people who deserve promotions, teach skills and techniques, and help make PD more active.


Some qualities that make me stand out from other Police Officers?:

I usually cop the negativity of all the arrests such as Hits and RRDM's. I have 4 years experience in Cadets IRL (225SQN AAFC, Qualified stage). I know a bunch of military shit and I have a lot of life experience to help sort people straight.



Do I agree to not abuse or misuse the powers given?:

I agree to not abuse or misuse powers.


Do I agree that my powers will be stripped completely if misused?:

I agree for them to be stripped if misused.


Do I agree to follow the Commissioner & Commander expectations once given?:

I agree to follow the expectations.

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- poor activity throughout the forums

- short and lack of detail in application

- pretty recent 2 BL warns

- somewhat active on the discord which is nice

- all experiences have been chill and you seem like a genuinely good guy

- Make more posts on the forums and try to add more detail into your application


- imhaydz




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Sorry Burt but i have to say no


I haven't seen any posts from you on the forums but with discord you have activity


however I'm not pleased and confident with this application as with a application with this I expected a strong detailed and appropriate response to every question


The warns are very concerning and are very recent e.g. 24/7/2022 for RDM


Make more posts and gain more experience and I'll give you the approval needed to be eligible for commissioner


Best of luck

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Sorry Burt, I understand you have been incredibly active within PD but you are very new and have little to no forums activity, the app is good but for your current rank an app would have to really stand out, what I recommend for future apps is to really put some time and effort into them, or alternatively rank up in PD and we may be looking to have you in our command team.

- Best of luck: Comm. SamuelSkellyGamer 🤓

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I think eventually you could get this role, but you are definitely not ready yet.


You have very loose control of your emotions and a certain discord ticket that you made displayed a very immature and irrational thought process that was very uncalled for...


To avoid a Thyking v2, look into yourself and troubleshoot why you get so upset. At the end of the day, it's a game and people have different ways of entertaining themselves.


Just because you have enough time to apply doesn't always mean you should, and a recent warning is very indicative of that.


Good luck

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Hey Burt, I would like to start of by saying that the app is lacking in detail and people barely know who you are.

I would like to suggest becoming a Probational Trainer, as it would show dedication to the PD and it would also get your name out there bit more and next time when you apply, make your app in more detail.

But good luck on getting comm

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