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Orbital DarkRP FAQ


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This is an official list created to answer some of our frequently asked questions (FAQ) to provide consistent solutions to common issues or inquiries.


There are three subcategories provided to help you find the topic relevant to your question. If your question is not listed, please inquire on our discord.

1. Content Inquiries

2. Roleplay Inquiries

3. Forum Inquiries



Content Inquiries

Q: I am seeing errors or missing textures, how do I access the addons list?


A: Subscribe to the orbital addons pack;





Q: I keep receiving a “map missing” error when attempting to join the server, how do I fix this?


A: There are a few solutions;


1. Open your GMod settings and follow Options>Multiplayer and change “download custom content” to ‘Allow all custom files from server’ if this is not already default.


2. Check the integrity of game files on your steam launcher - Steam>Library>Gmod>Properties>Local Files.


3. Remove all your server addons - C:>Program Files (x86)>Steam>steamapps>workshop>content>4000


If any issues persist, please inquire further with a management team member.



Q: What perks do I receive with Trusted?


A: See below;

- Increased prop limit (145)

- Additional RP classes (Freerunner, Junkie and Kidnapper)

- AdvDupe2

- Wiremod

- LED lamp entity for Marijuana Dealer



Q: What perks do I receive with Donator?


A: See below;

- Increased prop limit (185)

- Additional RP classes (Pro Thief, Juggernaut, SWAT Sniper, Black Market Dealer, Pimp, Terrorist and PMC Leader)

- All Trusted perks listed above


Q: How do I donate to the server?


A: Access the following link to be redirected to the store page;



Roleplay Inquiries

Q: How many props can I use?


A: This varies based on your in-game rank;

User - 100

Trusted - 145

Donator and above - 185


Q: How do I get permission to use AdvDupe2?


A: Apply for trusted or get instant access by purchasing VIP/Donator rank in-game.



Q: How many fading doors can I have?


A: You are allowed 2 for entry, and 3 additional for storing valuables.


Entry doors must be large enough for player to fit through without using additional mobility (crouching and jumping).



Q: What is NLR?


A: New Life Rule (NLR for short), is a roleplay concept that you could not continue with information from a previous life.


An example of this would be;

“You are playing as a police officer and attempt an arrest on a player who is breaking the law. You attempt to arrest them but you are killed as a result”

In this scenario, because you have died, your character cannot return and continue to arrest the same player as you theoretically have begun a “New Life”. This NLR period lasts for 5 minutes. You are not allowed to pass through the area of death (unless it occurred in an area that inhibits freedom to play, such as spawn).


There are also other variables that change how NLR applies. If you have died during a raid, you cannot return until the raid is finalised as it is considered an RP event that can extend beyond 5 minutes. If a raid ends earlier than 5 minutes, you may return.


If you are new to learning this rule, I would definitely take the time to read the full NLR details in the rules list as it is tricky for most new players.



Q: How do I report someone?


A: You can submit a ticket in game by typing “@“ followed by details of your issue.


E.g. “@ A civilian killed me on main street to take steal printers I took from a raid”


Please avoid making tickets with minimal detail so that our staff can gauge the severity of the issue prior to taking the sit.


If our staff are not available at the time of needing to lodge a report, please take to our discord server where you can submit an incident report ticket that will be dealt with once a staff member becomes available.



Q: How do I pick a job to play?


A: Jobs can be accessed by pressing F4. If F4 doesn’t work, you may have a conflicting bind or may need to restart your game.



Q: I don't know how my job works, can I have help?


A: We have an extensive tutorial list for most entity based jobs available. You can find them under our Tutorials category;




Q: How do I get guns?


A: This can vary depending on the job you have selected. Some jobs come with guns by default, which are;

- Assassin

- Hitman

- Mob Boss

- Any police role

You can purchase guns from either a Gun Dealer or a Black Market dealer at whatever price they set. Police officers can only purchase guns from Gun Dealers, as long as they are licensed (or it is made legal by the mayor).


Q: How do I get a gun license?


A: Gun licenses are sold by either a Black Market Dealer (illegal way to obtain them) or by a mayor (legal way to obtain, but the mayor can refuse to serve them). Police officers spawn with a gun license by default.



Q: How do I get a taser as a cop?


A: Probational Officers are required to take a Google Form test to ensure they understand the rules within PD. Anyone with a probational trainer role will be able to provide you this test and train you. A Police Commissioner will then mark the test when one becomes available.


If you need any further assistance, please join our Orbital PD Discord using our vanity URL





Forum Inquiries


Q: How do I access the forums?


A: Our web address for our forums is https://orbitalservers.gg


If someone is asking for help finding the forums in our discord, type !forums and our bot will deliver a URL for them to use.



Q: When will my Trusted app be reviewed?


A: Trusted applications are generally resolved after 3-5 days. Some applications may experience differences in time due to factors such as high/low community input on your application.


ENFORCERS are responsible for the outcome of your application, however please refrain from inquiring team members as they make their judgements.



Q: I’m applying for Trusted and I’ve been told I have low community interaction, what steps can I take to improve on this?


A: There are many steps that can be taken to improve on your community presence. Are you;

- Actively helping others?

- Creating a friendly and positive impact on others around you?

- Making yourself known by chatting to others regularly?

- Active on the server?

These factors are usually the main downfall of many Trusted applications, so be sure to work on these as much as you can.



Q: When will my Staff app be reviewed?


A: Staff applications generally have a longer wait period than Trusted applications. There is no concrete answer, however, the wait time is usually around 1 week.


HEAD ADMINS+ are responsible for the outcome of your application, but please refrain from contacting them about them as they will already be aware of it.



Q: I would like to apply for staff but I do not meet the age requirement, do I have to wait?


A: Circumstances may vary but you can seek an age exemption by messaging the STAFF MANAGER. Whether you receive the exemption is to their discretion.



Q: I believe that a staff member has mistreated me, what can I do to address this?


A: We have a private staff report thread under our support category. We take these reports very seriously, so it is encouraged that you provided as much evidence as feasibly possible so that your report can be handled efficiently and determine an outcome based on the severity.



Q: How do I make a ban appeal?


A: We handle all ban related incidents under our support category. There is a template provided which you must follow so that we may accurately gauge an outcome. If this is not done, the appeal you post may be automatically denied

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