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Nick Darcy Ban Appeal

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Your SteamID STEAM_0:1:37580857


In-game name: Nick Darcy


Time and date of ban (Use timezone): I am not 100% sure but would've been around Midnight of the 24th


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: Autumn Briggs


Further details: Honestly I don't have a clue what the ban is for, the reason says (Scamming (Moderate) but I don't recall scamming anyone plus my internet had crashed last night so I wasn't even on the server at the time of the ban so I have no info or clarification on it.


Any evidence you can provide: No Evidence


Have you become familiar with the rules?: Yes I am

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Hi Nick,


The reason for the ban was because you had picked up $200,000 in game that did not belong to you, and immediately after this i checked logs to see who picked it up and your name was right beside. However, in the 2 minutes or so it took me to check you had gone offline, leading me to believe you had taken the money then logged out to avoid punishment or giving it back. Which then warranted the punishment i gave.


I've had a look through logs and due to them being cleared I have no way of telling whether you actually timed out or if you just quit, i'll admit this is my mistake for not immediately making note of this.

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Hi Autumn thank you taking the time to respond and for the clarification,


The only reason why I had picked up the 200k was because earlier there was a mini fun thing going on of whoever killed Pharam recieves 200k. So at the time I heard someone say "Here take the 200k for before" and no one was picking it up so I had assumed it was directed at me so I picked it up then shortly after my internet had dcd which I did mention in the discord chat at the time.


So in the end I guess it was just a big misunderstanding so my apologies and sorry for the hastle.



Nick Darcy

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