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Flaw in miner job


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So just today I was doing some mining and when I turned around one of my refiner crates that the refined gold was being put into was gone and my coal one had been disconnected so it wasnt refining coal. Someone had messed with my stuff and stole my gold crate which would have had close to max gold in it and split. I called an admin straight away and I'm sure they did the best they could but they were unfortunately no help. They said to just report when someone steals it again which is what I did, and I asked if I was allowed to make a fading door to protect my entities which I was not allowed to do.


So with no way to protect my stuff and no way to find out who stole your stuff in logs if you dont see them and record it, I feel there needs to be a change as to who is able to interact with mining entities. Perhaps the same rules as props, only the person who spawns them can interact with them unless they share props with other people. So that people you trust can mine with you.


Or maybe being allowed to build fading doors to protect your entities or something else, brainstorm some ideas here if you have any!

How do you think this will benefit the server?:

It will fix the big flaw of players being able to steal mining things and get away with it.



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Since logs cannot record if someone actually gravity gunned a miner's crate or entities, we'll make a way on how to prevent this. We might add a rule to improve miner's safety and their efficiency of their roleplay


Thank you for the suggestion!

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