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Richest in the server


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What category does this suggestion apply to? (Map, Addons, Discord, Forums, Other):

Gmod server

Details/Information about your suggestion:

this may not be for everyone but I know there's a couple of people on the server that love the idea of having there name on a leader board/richest on the server thing. My idea is that there should be a top 3,5 or 10 leader board of the richest people on the server/ the richest player on the server like on iconic.

How do you think this will benefit the server?:

I think it will benefit the server by getting more people to try and become the richest in the server or get on the leader board witch will make people grind for it/play more on the server and hopefully will make more people join server and more people playing on it but the main idea is that there should be not just 1 richest person, there should be 3,5 or 10.

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I think in theory this is a good idea but I believe it would need to be an optional reward to grinding wealth as it could also encourage some negative behavior from other players knowing your wealth like focusing that person for kidnapping/mugging, having players ask them for money regualy and I think some players might be able to handle that situation well while others might find less enjoyment from it.

I think if this was optional to be on then it could be a great reward for their grind though letting them feel more accomplished for the hours of grinding they spend to gain said wealth.

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