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ban appeal

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Hey Tyron.


You were warned and blacklisted from weapons due to RRDM. Your argument for having poor internet in the sit was very incoherent, so I just applied the blacklist anyway. Here's the evidence for your warn. You clearly got killed by Henry and returned to kill him after you died, causing your RRDM warn.edwfev.thumb.png.4c66f11a57bac09ae8714cfc3219159f.png


I'll pass this onto higher-ups for their decision.

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Hey tyron!, great you made an appeal for your blacklist but I'm afraid you're going to have to follow the template otherwise your application will be denied.


You have 24 hours.


Your SteamID (Paste your Steam Profile Link into https://steamrep.com/):


In-game name:


Time and date of ban (Use timezone):


Name of the Staff Member that banned you:


Further details:


Any evidence you can provide:


Have you become familiar with the rules?:

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