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Make Tax Department A Job

Steven Thomas

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Now hear me out no one wants to pay tax and I get it, but the tax man needs his money. I am here to tax everyone and anyone.


Nah jokes aside; tax can slowly level the economy with taxing the richer more then the poor. Plus it could be put into the lotto's to help the lotto's become more of an enticement. I know over the past couple of days I have been messing around pretending to be apart of the Australian Tax Office; but this can lead to having more RP development with a new charges and making people become wanted for the tax evasion. Whilst playing as the "Tax Man" I had multiple people converse in a small amount of RP and lets be honest their isn't much RP that goes around. I am not saying make it a die hard RP that everything has to be in RP but it just adds the small snippets of RP which people can enjoy.


As seen in the photo below this is what happens to people who commit Tax Evasion.


This is mostly a joke cause people were getting annoyed with me taxing them but you could see the fun in preventing people from building their money to the point that everything is just cheep.


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