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Kaelans warn appeal

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Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:60471847


In-game name: Kaelan


Time and date of warn (Use timezone): 15:29:57 AWST timezone


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: Jeffery Akbar


Further details: I was body blocked into a corner with these two thug blocking me in, one was crouching and one was standing, one of them pimp slapped me and i didnt know what one, i assumed it was the one crounching because everyone pimp slapped while crouching because it sends you flying upwards, so i killed him. Turns out it was the other guy and i get pulled into an admin sit. The guy claims that the other thug wasnt his friend even though they were going around mugging. Im in the admin sit and Jefferysays it is a misunderstanding because i thought it was the other guy, i proceed with getting a warn and the other guy getting compensation of like 20k or something. i get a warn however whenever i am in an admin sit with others and it is a "misunderstanding" they never get warned, i am starting to think that admins are bringing favouritism into the sits (i dont think thats allowed) andi shouldnt be warned if others arent getting warned for a "misunderstanding" Hopefully this is enough to get rid of my warn as i do not deserve it after a misunderstanding when others dont get warned or banned when they have a misunderstanding.





Any evidence you can provide: The logs

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