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Building dupes for $$$

Jeremy Coomeracci

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Evening all. I'm just looking for something to do for a bit of fun since shooting fellas isn't really my thing. If you're looking for a stylish build but lack a single creative fibre in your body, hmu. I can build just about anything in base terms.

-Want a stylish house/apartment, you got it.

-Fancy new gunshop? Can probably manage that.

-New nightclub? Mate.


Happy to build just about any type of base. Wiremod defenses aren't my forte, but it doesn't mean I can't build them! My bases are always style over function, however. Price will depend on the job. I'll give you a quote before building anything so you know what sorta price you're in for.


If you're interested, contact my Discord



Just gimme your in-game RP name, the type of build you want, which building you want it in (photos of building help!) and any important details you want it to include (bar for gang members to hang around, auto-dispensers, that sorta thing).


No payment expected until job's done, but also no set deadlines i'm afraid. Just doing this for a bit of fun and as a challenge as a builder. Have a good night everyone.

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