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Mexi Builds You A Dupe


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I Build you a dupe for a range of price between $3k for simple things and upwards of maybe 20 or 30k depending on how extravagant you want.


Please be specific and ill work with you to create a design you want. I can create things from small knick-knacks to big bases and pieces of art.


Also if you are willing to buy my expertise's please specify how many props you have. or else I may build something that you cannot spawn.


Obviously some of the dupes are meant to be spawned in buildings but you can probably tell where they go and i can also build in specific buildings you want


Attached is a history of my dupes. and what I can provide. My Specialty is housing


If you wish to make a purchase please Pm me on discord at Mexi#0002





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Build me a base with damage detectors for PD Training. [Free]

I do understand it is fucked to ask it for free, but if u want Gunny Sergeant, you gotta do it boy.



The things I want with the base are, great defenses basically. I want it to be challenging.


- Thank you! -

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