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I have compiled a list of suggestions from myself and other members of the community/staff team to keep the server fun and refreshing. I am posting it here to get community feedback on what you think should and shouldn't be added.


- Changes to the Medkit

Change the current Medkit on all classes to the old SWAT Medic Medkit, instead of holding to slowly heal you have a few instant heals before needing to recharge.


- Changes to the Medic job.

Currently, the Medic job as it stands is boring. Run around and hold down to heal players, gets very boring after a few minutes (unless you are Zell Timbs). I suggest we change the Medic to a pharmacist. While still having a Medkit you can open up a drug store to sell drugs to the community. Drugs can give players upsides such as increased HP, Speed, Damage etc but with a downside of having your screen blurry and fucked from the effects. [Removing Drugs That Already Exist In Custom Roles, Weed / Meth / Liquor and changing models so it's not a giant mushroom or mario star]


- Random Events

Ripping this straight from GTA Online, the idea of random events occuring once every hour would be a fun addition to the server.


- Most self harm done in 5 minutes [have players jumping off rooftops and shit trying to beat each others score]

- Deathmatches. Teleport all players who enter into a room with a random weapon and whoever is last standing gets a cash prize. [matches will be opt in, probably with a UI similar to lotteries]


If you have any other ideas for random events please leave them in the replies.


- Random 2x events

Give players an incentive to play and try out other roles. Once every hour set a few jobs to more earnings. Some examples could include

- Drugs 2x Sell Price

- Police 5x arrest bonus [$1000 per arrest]

- Medic 2-5x Karma/Cash gained per heal


Once again if you have any other ideas for this please leave them in the replies.

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-Random events

I love the idea of the random events (just like GTA) I feel it would be a fun and cool mini game to do when there's nothing else to do or you just want to win some money/credits? (Idk what prize)


-2x events

I also really like the 2x events, it would really get players in the grind mood and keep them on for longer

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Random event suggestion # 1:


Server teams up to beat a big boss :)


The big boss will need to have HP/Armor scaled based on number of players participating else it might be an issue.

The rewards will also need to scale based on number of players participating!


Always fun to have some teamwork thrown in!

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Random event suggestion # 2:


Climbing competition where there is a finish line very high up and the built in path is slow. No player limits to get to the top other than outright hacking. Prop climbing and flying by spawning props underneath is encouraged.


Meant to be chaotic and fun :) I think we'll see cool strats come from this limitless build climbing comp.

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Random event suggestion # 3:


Simple 3 door event - colour not important but helps distinguish different doors. Lets say blue, yellow and green.


The dice rolls and everyone in one room wins. Everyone in other rooms die. You can either end there or keep going until there's only one winner or no winners.


Completely up to chance and is a gamble.

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