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Where's my "Orbitals Racist" title at LMK (Let Me Know). PLEASE READ ONG :100: :flame:

Dallas Steel

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Hello retards that play the gmod server "Orbital Dark RP". My name is Dallas Steel and I am known for my "extreme" racism and homophobias. I believe that I should be granted a speical title called "Orbitals Racist".


This will help new players indentify who the fuck just RDM them and called them several slurs without any remorse. The colour of the title should be purple as it's my favourite colour and it's a very based colour (like me). The font of the title must be cool like comic sans or something cool from cooltext.com.


The picture I have inserted is me when I recieve my speical title, you can see I'm very happy and excited that I've recieved my "Orbitals Racist" role. I have my cool $10 Kmart sunnies on and my Logitech G432 gaming headset on. I am smiling which means I am currently happy with the decision made by the staff team ❤️


Being this role also has it's drawbacks, in the second picture I have provided (See down below), the staff member "TerrA" has written a small paragraph filled with slander and defamatory. This has me believing that this staff member should be let go and publicly shamed for his uncalled for actions againsts yours truly. Him being Indian has nothing to do with this and I greatly enjoyed TerrA and his company before he decided to attack me on a personal level.


I hope the staff team can see this and take careful time to read and process a verdict. Please email me the answer at ilovefnafbonnieporn2015@yahoo.com and I will respond within 5-7 business days


Thank you for your time



Dallas Steel.



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