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who do you think is a bad admin?

lucin shupe

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I’m voting @Garry Newman


i just want you to be demoted arily, i cant even stand looking, let alone talking with you, you are the worst thing to happen to me and the rest of the staff team, your humor is gay and you always think youre funny with your suicidal and edgy humor you little australian fuck.. i know where you live, if i dont, i will ask IamUgg and stalk your little instagram account that i follow, yes if you thought i follow you for your content or that i appreciate you as a friend you are wrong, it is all part of the plan.. wait until april the 21st buddy, where i will come around your home, knock on your window, scream names of gmod darkrp members that you're familiar with to play with your head, break through the back door and murder your entire fucking family you scum of the earth.

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fisckii i've had it, aww these days you have abused me, hawwassed me and cawwwed me inyappwopiate nyames. as the supewiow staff membew you shouwd NYEVEW spam tp and wocket waunchew me 200 times. caww me stupid, and fwex youw awesomenyess onto a nyobody wike me, i sincewwy hope you get demoted to usew asap, in the wowds of toby maguiwe " you'we twash". Soon you wiww be punyished, god's hammew wiww cometh onto youw souw and you wiww pay the pwice fow the abuse towtuwe and pain you have caused me. You awe the wowst head admin evew, you awe pwobabwy eating tewwa's sanyity as i post this, I wiww get my vengeance, and just wike batman i wiww cause the fwooding of gotham idk. You might twy to ask fow fowgivenyess, but if you want it, you got to get wewigeon fiwst. infact you shouwd've thought of that eawwiew, cause im wight at youw back doow you wittwe bitch. Awso in the wowds of toby maguiwe "im weawwy going to enjoy this" 54b9902837fed72b7551edb77b30b96e.svg

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