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Vortigaunt Job Role (Read before Downvote)


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Now before you downvote hear out my ridiculous idea!


So on a semi regular basis I frequent a particular Half Life 2 Rp server on GMOD.

It has the usual jobs citizens, cps, workers rebels etc all of which serve a purpose. However one job stands out from these roles and that is the Vortigaunt Job. It serves an extremely obscure purpose on the server and has only 1 feature of which is almost never utilised leaving the role to only be played by those with imagination and a strive for RP.


Due to this players in this role 9 times out of 10 bring this fantastic, funny and awesome experience to that community and rarely disappoints despite the role really having no difference from the standard citizen role.


I want to bring this experience to Orbital. In saying this I present the Vortigaunt Job

It would have the following player model:


Which is obtainable from this link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1632516175


And would have the following rule restrictions:

Can only use 1h weapons

Can only Base with other Vortigaunts or Non-Vendor Civilian jobs such as citizen, city worker, trashman etc.

Can be made AOS or KOS in the Laws (citizens living with a Vortigaunt could be arrest able as well).

Cannot Own Valuables.


Potential features (but entirely optional):

https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2229573191 Spawns with the Broom Swep

If made KOS/AOS by the GOV Vortigaunts can attack Gov entities on sight as way of "Rebellion".



The Reason I've made this suggestion is that its incredibly easy to implement requiring only 1 Workshop addition and some rule adjustments. But primarily in the hopes that the community will be open to more RP focused jobs instead of pushing constant economy focused jobs.

Lastly if this job flops in the community removing it is as easy as adding it (Literally removing an addon and clicking the backspace button in the rules page).

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I'd play on the same server as you Ragnar and all i have to say is this job simply couldn't be able to serve the same purpose. Civil Protection are born to be evil cops who force slavery upon xenos and humans. Orbital PD wasn't born like that but just is anyway, my point being the government isn't shit enough to warrent a slavery job. Not to mention DarkRP is meant to be "before the 7 hour war" if you care to mix it into some strange canon for Half-Life.


Because it's DarkRP i don't see why we can't have a job that racially segregates a certain group to just clean shit but i don't think an Alien is gonna slide.

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