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Ay Amigos


Auntie Hellen is coming around for Easter, she's from the west coast and hasn't visited orbital before..


Shes a bit scared though!

Someone told her the people in orbital are savages and will break in to murder her and steal all her shit.


She arrives on the 13/04 at 8:00PM AEST


Please make sure you've made a safe, well designed base for Auntie Hellen to live in.. big security is a must!


She also likes nice kitchens, she's very religious and enjoys The Simpson's.



1st place: 300K + 30 days donator.

2nd place: 200K + 7 days donator.

3rd place: 100K


Please submit photos or videos of the base below!


The community will vote.





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It is with a heavy heart that we must bid Auntie Helen a bittersweet farewell from rp_orbital_v3d.


Her unfortunate passing has left a hole in all of our hearts, but we will look to a future of blue skies and shine knowing that she has left us with eternal gratitude.


Rest easy, Auntie Helen.

You will be sorely missed.


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