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Vanilla Unicorn [GTAV Stripclub] [Pimp/Nightclub] also telephone booth i guess


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I have recreated the Vanilla Unicorn from GTAV purely out of love for the series. The dupe is almost 1:1, definitely not exact. Also I'm gonna throw the Telstra phone booth in because why the fuck not?


The building itself. Theoretically can go on any map [EDIT] now has a fading window at entrance


Left of the entrance is the Bar. Where Night Club manager's can place their grav-gun-able stuff


The main Dance Floor. Complete with 3 private dance cubicles and dining tables. It is a little barebones but Night Club Manager's have tons of space for their LEDs and speakers


Staff Room. Includes front door controls and a (unintentional) crouching upper area that can be used for anything other than valuables because that's not allowed :)


And here's the funny kidnapper telstra phone booth. Made this for April 1st


Hope you enjoy. I'd love to see you guys use either of these because I put a lot of effort into it.



telstra phone.txt

vanilla unicorn.txt

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