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Gilly's Staff Application


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Steam Community Link:





Discord User#:




Country/Time Zone:

Australia, ACT (AEST)


Do you have a working Microphone?:


What is your game-time? (Post a screenshot):

Currently on this server I have 2 days and I have 2 days and about 4 hours on the previous server.




How many warnings do you have? (Post a screenshot):

I haven't received a warn on either server


How many Softbans/Blacklists do you have? (Post a screenshot):

I haven't received a Softban and/or blacklist on either server




Do you have any previous or current staff experience? (Provide examples):

I have been staff on 8 Garry's Mod servers throughout 7 years:

  • TPS Gaming - Senior Admin
  • Absolute Gaming - Super Admin
  • ImagineRP - Senior Admin
  • KD Gaming - Admin
  • 5Head Gaming - Senior Admin
  • Supremacy Networks - Senior Admin
  • CyberRP - Senior Moderator
  • Premises Gaming - Admin


I have a total of over 3600 hours on these servers with ranging from Senior Moderator to Super Admin.


Why do you believe that you deserve this staffing position?:

With an opportunity such as this I would be able to not only punish rule breakers and teach new players the rules but I would act as a role model to others including veteran players. I have an extensive knowledge of the rules and I am also very active in the community including Discord and the Forums. Currently I am undertaking a nursing degree as well as being a Product Maintenance Manager at McDonald's, these opportunities I have given allowed me to develop specific skills and abilities in terms of interacting with community members and my peers. I am active for approximately 8 hours a day and due to my different work and study schedule which changes on a daily to weekly basis I will be on the server ranging at different times including overnight times where most minges and rule breakers appear. I enjoy interacting with the community and am always attempting new methods in terms of enhancing the communities enjoyment both in game, on discord, and the forums such as events I have created in-game and my forums based game (The Orbital Hunger Games).


Explain your ability to work as a team (Using examples):

- Working as a Team in Garry's Mod

Due to my extensive Garry's Mod staffing experience I have been apart of many different types of teams throughout my years staffing on every server. I have been able to adapt and work within these staffing cultures effectively communicating with my fellow staff in terms of dealing with out of game incidents as well as with queries in regards to punishment and advice in regards to sits.


- Working as a Team at McDonald's

Communication with my crew at McDonald's is paramount to the store running a high level of QSC (Quality Service & Cleanliness) providing customers with a wonderful meal at quick speed allowing for no margin for error. Communicating to crew their positions, targets, tasks, and break periods in a quick and timely manner and acting as a good role model and boosting everyone's mood by saying jokes and being fun to be around allows my shifts to run as one of the top 10 stores in Australia approximately 25% of the time.


- Working as a Team in the Hospital

Communicating with other Nurses and Doctors in order to maintain the patients well being and safety is very important as critical update must be conveyed to all personnel involved in the patient. I am able to work with my fellow peers by updating them with reports of a patients conditions, what drugs they have taken at the present time, their condition, and anything that may effect their well-being as well as mental issues. This good communication will make a patients experience at the hospital way better and may even save their life.


What qualities will you bring to the staff team?:

  • Patience - I am patient with others and their difficulties which allows me to maintain my composure throughout sits and outside of sits.
  • Communication - I am able to communicate with my fellow staff members efficiently and effectively as well as communicate with members of the community in regards to the breakage of rules and verbal warnings to prevent the matter from recurring.
  • Activity - I am very active on the server being on the server many hours a day, almost every day no matter the time.
  • Professionalism - Once I am contacted in a serious matter such as a sit or a question in regards to the rules I act very professional and take all information and concern seriously no matter the situation.
  • Passion towards the Community - I enjoy helping others around me which is one of the reasons I am becoming a nurse and the Orbital community is no exception, no matter the format of the request such as on Discord, the Forums, Roleplay and Sits.
  • Experience - Staffed on 8 previous Garry's Mod servers for thousands of hours which allow me to evaluate and punish rulebreakers accordingly in a timely but strict and effective manner.


Do you agree not to abuse or misuse the powers given to moderate the server?:

I agree to not abuse or misuse the powers given to myself in order to moderate Orbital Servers.


Do you agree that your powers will be stripped completely if misused?:

I agree to the stripping of my powers in retaliation if my powers are misused.


Do you agree to follow the Staff Expectations once given?:

I agree to uphold and surpass the expectations placed upon myself.

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You are active on the server, discord, and forums. Staffing experience in Garry's Mod and IRL gives you a huge benefit and an extremely well-detailed application shows your dedication. You have no warns of any kind which clearly shows your comprehensive knowledge of the server rules and in the time I've known you, you've always been awesome to interact with. I am definitely going to +1 this application as you are a perfect example of staffing potential.

Good luck with the application!


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Major +1


Gilly, my friend... I was waiting for this, dababy lets go!!!

Firstly, I will like to speak about your experience. The staff team currently needs an experience staff member that can thoroughly guide other staff members to the right path for the righteous outcome, which can be achieved from having you in the team. Eight GMod staffing experience, Good God. I know damn well how well you perform in terms of teamwork as well as general staffing such as taking tickets, responding to ban appeals, incident report as your previous rank, Senior Admin on the server I staffed on, which is Supremacy Networks enabled you to handle these respective things. You thoroughly handled staffing as well as general roleplaying without losing your cool ever once. I have never ever seen you get mad, which is essential for staffing. We don't need a staff member screaming or losing their patience with a rulebreaker or a person who made a ticket. In terms of activity, it is no joke that you have recently become insanely active roleplaying as Thief, Undercover, Meth Cook and so many other jobs interacting with the community via OOC chat, PMs (yes, i stalked you) and face to face in-game. Not only that, your community interaction outside of the server has been impeccable as I had noticed you conversating with people through Discord General Voice Chat as well as hosting fun forum events that encourage community interaction as well as enjoyment such as your Orbital Hunger Games event. Moving on to your application, this is one of the best application I have ever seen. Look at the aesthetic, the colors, the alignment, the details and the perfect font size. God if only DA VINKY was alive to witness this perfect art that you have crafted right in front of our virgin eyes. The amount of detail it contains shows that you had put your effort and time into it showcasing that you care about getting your rank. As a conclusion, the staff team needs you, I gotta keep it real homies. A veteran claimwhore is what we need to deflate the ticket inflation?? if that makes sense, sorry guys i suck at maths and also your mother. Anyways back to topic, I highly believe that you should be a staff as you possex (get it guys?? i put sex instead of sess, im funny af guys haha) all the attributes and qualities to become one, in other words, overqualified. Good luck you claimwhoring bitch <3.

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Honestly, not sure what else to write as TerrA has said literally everything haha



You've helped me out with situations before and you're not even on the staff team yet


The amount of experience you bring would be incredibly helpful. As we are all aware, we're seeing 80-90+ every single day, we have A LOT of new staff (including myself!) and experienced admins are in need!


I hope you get this Gilly, after chatting to you personally, you're a really genuine person, never have an issue with you in game at - all.

The community knows you - especially after running the orbital hunger games!

You'd be an asset to the team


Big +1 (only if you let the little guys like me get some tickets)

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I am going to try to say as much as possible since everything has pretty much been covered by TerrA, Tuppy and Roberto, so sorry if my response is short. I can say that my response won't be bias at all as we did not talk on Supremacy (Not saying TerrA's was), and I have only gotten to know you on Orbital. So here we go:


Your experiences with staffing before will greatly impact orbital for the better as you can use your past experiences with staffing to help support the staff team when needed. Whether it is answering questions that staff have or implementing new rules to make the server better. Basically, your knowledge of staffing can help the community.


The next thing I would like to talk about is your mindset. I have never seen you lose your shit at others, which is important when staffing. You can remain calm in stressful situations, when taking sits and it gets heated I know that you won't slip up and make mistakes and you won't get angry at the rule-breakers. I never had any bad experiences with you, and I believe others can agree.


As mentioned above you are active on every platform for orbital being In-game, Discord or Forums. Your app is detailed showing me and others that you care for this position. You can follow the rules, teach them to others and report rule-breakers.


Honestly, I just realised that I wrote a lot. For the reason above I believe that you deserve a chance at being staff as I know you will do great things.


Good Luck with your Application!

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-1 Admittedly the only real in-game experience i've had with you was a PD/SWAT training where you were minging and screaming the entire time with what almost seemed like purposeful sabotage to TerrA's comms for the training event. I believe you are capable of being a great person/friend/staff member however i just havent seen consistent non-minge behaviour.
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Just yes. No other words, I remember you most from supremacy networks, one of the best staff members on that server. You are extremely fit as a staff member and I have no doubt seeing you make the server staff team. Good luck mate. Hope to see you make the staff team soon!


(ugg was better staff member on supremacy tho lol)

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You have improved much more than your old self on Supremacy and have become more mature and less mingy in all my interactions with you on this server. I believe you would add great value to the staff team and would be a decent asset because of your high activity and claim counts.


No more claimwhoring

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