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PMC overhaul


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Jeremy Coomeraci's Rapid Fire Change list has inspired this suggestion:



Any hoot into the suggestion:

Increase the activity's the PMC Leader and Contractor can do so as to further separate them from Mercs and Security and to further incentivise players to Hire PMC instead of just all basing together as pro thieves.


The following is potential activities a PMC contractor can be allowed to do


If the Employer is ANY criminal job (Raiding roles/Vendors/Producers) they can command there PMC to raid other bases on there behalf.

This means a meth cook can have his PMC raid rival drug manufacturers or a BMD can target other businesses to further control the market.


If the Employer is the Mayor, they can use the PMC as a more corrupt version of Police. (Think Government Hit Squad) where the mayor can order his PMC to raid bases and apprehend fugitives using Fear Rp. The way in which they are separated from the mayor ordering PD around is simple, PMC only listen to there employer meaning Commissioners and Commanders cannot overrule the mayors command to his/her PMC.


If the Employer is a regular citizen or Legal gun dealer the PMC will simply follow the current rules.


How does this benefit the community?:

The roleplay potential is endless and provides a clear distinct difference between PMC and other contractors. It further allows Mayors to dip further into the corruption side of things and can encourage PD and citizens to rise up against the mayor for being tyrannical or not valuing his fellow government members. And lastly it allows roles such as the BMD to actually be criminal, and not just a gun dealer who sells different firearms.

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