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Rapid Fire Changelist

Jeremy Coomeracci

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I originally had a long list with a detailed reason behind each change, but I lost my draft. Here's the same thing, but without long explanations.


I'll happily provide my reasoning for any change in the comments. You need but ask.


(A few of these changes are going to be income related. With the addition of Fuel Refiner, many jobs seem to consequently need a buff to make them more relevant. This doesn't mean they should match Fuel Refiner's income, as that would defeat the purpose of the role. Just enough to encourage variety in jobs, but also to reward the effort some of these jobs require).


General Changes

-Increase Money Printer Income

Make printers relevant again


-Make consumables (meth, weed, etc.) pocketable

If we could do it on Iconic, why can't we do it here


-Give consumables (meth, weed, etc.) collision

It makes it way more viable to sell over counters at Nightclubs and Pharmacies (medic drug dealer). If they just fall through props then it makes storage a nightmare (both for vendors & for customers).


-Reduce pocket size to 4 by default

Makes gun dealing a more reliable income source. Also makes players have to think about what weapons they'll run. Makes pocket size increaser a relevant bonus again.


-Do not change the map again

The dupe market basically doesn't exist anymore because of a combination of declining building interest and frequent map changes (3 changes in 3 months). 2.0 is in the near future, so let's just keep this map until then to give builders some semblance of security.


Nightclub Manager

-Increase job limit to 2

Makes nightclub scene competitive (players need to outdo each other to get customers). Helps if people want to just run a bar instead. Can make GangRP more fun by having two clubs gangs can claim as their hangout.


-Increase Nightclub Controller revenue

It's locked at a pitiful rate at the moment. It doesn't have to be a huge increase, but it does need an increase.



-Keep a vault in Bank and in PD

The vault's currently inside PD, which makes Bank worthless (yes printers can be stored inside, but as mentioned above printers don't make enough money to make them worthwhile). Having 2 vaults gives criminal groups more to do as well.


-Make Bankers licensed by default

They're defending the people's money, it only makes sense they should be allowed to have 2h by default.



-Increase income

Just a little bit. Minerals are expensive IRL so a small buff would make sense.


Hotel Manager

-Make apartments a secondary base for players

Most people would rather base in a big warehouse/on mainstreet. If apartments are treated more as a secondary base/hideout from authorities type deal, it would add appeal as to why people should buy them. (Gives gangsters a home away from the mob, thieves a hideout for when they're wanted, allows players to give themselves a liveable residence)



-Chef should actually pay

You only make money selling food directly to players. The prices should be reworked a bit and the serving table should actually pay the player (given how much it costs to setup).



-Allow mercenaries attack as well as defend

I get that mercs are meant to be the criminal equivalent of a security guard, but most criminals don't hire them because they manage their own defence. By making mercenaries more of a hired gun role, it can allow thief groups to add extra guns into their ranks without hogging battle medics.



-Allow PMC to raid on an employers behalf if the employer is able to raid

Basically lets a PMC go and raid people for their employer (as a real PMC would). Gangs can send PMC's to harass enemies, thief groups can send distraction raids to divert police. Option is restricted to raiding classes, although it WOULD be funny for a mayor to send PMC groups to attack enemies as a form of small-scale corruption.


Glorified Gardener

-Decrease the time weed takes to grow

I would argue weed pays pretty accurately to how it should right now, the only draw back is how long it takes for weed to grow. You can make so much more money with every other job. Just like half the time it takes to grow and we're gucci.


-Make muffin/brownie mix cheaper

Just to make bakeries a more viable option income wise.


Moonshine Distiller

-PLEASE! Give this job a considerable buff

It's a job that requires incredible, constant focus and multitasking ability, is incredibly expensive as you need to constantly buy ingredients and materials and takes ages to get a decent payload of product ready. It's a very cool job! But it pays beyond poorly for the effort and resources it takes to get anywhere. An average of $840 a jar is not acceptable. (average 115k for what's a basically an hours worth of hard work solo [144 jars, 4 layers on a pallet])



-Give the terrorist restraints for hostages

Terrorist feels like the job that's meant to be the "supervillain" style job on the server (does not follow FearRP, can take hostages, blows up, etc.) but has really been reduced to just the explosion guy. To give the hostage aspect of terrorist a bit of a boost would be nice.


Crack Cook and Heroin Chef

-Fix the mods, or remove them

I appreciate management adding new jobs to keep things fresh, but these mods are janky AF. Entities can't be locked down, i'm pretty sure heroin still doesn't work. It was an appreciated attempt, but so far it hasn't worked. We have plenty of drug jobs as is. I'd recommend removing them, personally, however fixing them is fine also. The poor quality of the mods in their current state makes the server look sloppy, which is a shame because otherwise the roles and gameplay is clean and flows well compared to other servers.


Hobo & Hobo King

-Make the Homeless class spawn in the Hobo Cave. They don't deserve a normal spawn.

You heard me.


Mafia, Bloods and Crips

-Allow gang members to mug

Seems dumb that bosses must be present to mug since this is organised crime. I'd change it to 3+ gang members must be present to mug.


-Give gang leaders restraints

Since they can take hostages (similar to Terrorist) it would make sense they have restraints to avoid hostages shooting back mid-kidnap. Also handy for restraining deviant gang members looking to cause trouble.


Gun Dealer and Black Market Dealer

-Gun Merchants should have to operate out of a store

It isn't fair to those that take the time to build a store to have travelling gun dealers. I understand it's convenient having people meet you and spawn the shipments right there, but it's a spit in the face to those that take the time to make a store (improves RP).


-Black Market Dealer should be able to sell lockpicks again

They're a very handy tool for organised crime groups. It allows gang members to raid from different angles, creating some degree of strategy with raids on places like PD and Bank. If we can buy keypad crackers, we should be able to buy lockpicks.



-Medics should be able to sell drugs if licensed by default

Makes Medic more interesting. It's just a law change that might encourage more medics to actually setup a clinic/pharmacy. Of course if the mayor make "all drugs illegal" it would void the law, but if default laws are in play it could be a cool new RP aspect.



-Delete them lmao

Jk Jk...Unless


-Make them solo operatives

In all seriousness though Freerunners have a big advantage over everyone else in terms of mobility. They can start a raid and hide up a wall to ambush you. Start a raid and run away before you can even see who tagged your door. Considering 'Freerunner' implies they're just parkour experts who get up to a little mischief, it doesn't seem normal to have them in a cluster all raiding together. Would seem more fitting to have them as an extra person in a raid with a big group to act as a distraction or to flank enemies while the main group raids.


Freerunner is meant to be a civilian job, lets make them civilians (with a side of mischief).


-If previous change is implemented, lower their numbers to 4 max

If they get nerfed (and dear god I hope they do), we don't need 6 of them. Four is plenty.




I will accept questions & criticisms down below. Thank you for your time.

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All changes will be reviewed/implemented, regarding bug fixes with crack/heroin; these will be largely overhauled with the introduction of 2.0.

One more thing:


Nightclub Manager

Custom models for drinks

I'm sick of serving cocktails in a can. My guests want to be able to tell what they're drinking.


Make Nightclub Entities Unbreakable

It just serves to annoy. You gotta stop the whole club just to wire a couple screens.

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