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Adding depth to the Mayor role: Mayor-controlled taxes


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Suggestion copy pasted from original at IconicRP forums. This suggestion has already received some moderate support at its original posting.


What category does this suggestion apply to?: Other; Systems modification/implementation & Job (Mayor)


Details/Information about your suggestion:

In short, this proposal is for a taxes system which gives the Mayor the power to control the taxes imposed upon the city's residents.

At the moment, the extent of the Mayor's "power" pretty much ends at setting some laws, calling lockdowns and accepting/denying warrants. But what if we add an income tax system and modify the door pricing system to be affected by a property tax, with both the income tax and property tax amounts controlled by the Mayor?


Income tax:

Income tax would be deducted from players' salary each time the payday event occurs. The equation would be

tax = math.floor( salary - (salary * (x / 100)) )

pay = salary - tax

This calculation should take the salary received via the /gang system into account also; salary = jobsalary + gangbonus.

Where x is a number value controlled by the Mayor's income tax setting.

Settings for income tax which the Mayor can select could be: "None" (0%), "Low" (3%), "Medium" (6%) and "High" (12%)

The Mayor and PD (except probational constables)/SWAT would be immune to income tax.


Property tax:

Property tax would affect the currently existing net worth percentage applied to door costs. (I won't bog down this post with the code/equation for this one, but I've run the numbers and the settings proposed ahead are balanced based on the current net worth percentage added to door costs)

Settings for income tax which the Mayor can select could be: "Lowest" (-0.1%), "Lower" (-0.05%), "Normal" (0%), "Higher" (+0.05%) and "Highest" (+0.1%)

The Mayor would be immune to property tax.


Tax settings should return to their defaults when a Mayor leaves office (disconnect, job change, death, etc); Default income tax = "None". Default property tax = "Normal"


Optional addition: Money from taxes could be sent to a Money Pile ("city funds") which can be raided (like the one in the Bank) and is located in the Mayor's vault. Like the one in the Bank, this Money Pile should have a max capacity of $50k to $100k.

Also, optionally, the Mayor could receive a small percentage (eg: 0.1%) of the currently stored city funds (which is in fact deducted from the stored funds) in addition to his salary every pay day (if implemented, the Mayor's base salary should be reduced to compensate). The Mayor should have the ability to decide if they receive this bonus to their salary.


Thinking ahead: With the implementation of a taxes and stored city funds system, there exists the possibility of future expansions to the Mayor's powers and abilities which would require the spending of city funds. For example, a Mayor could spend city funds to temporarily unlock better PD equipment in the armory.


How do you think this will benefit the server?:

The aim here is to bring some depth to the Mayor role and make it feel more like it has a strong influence on the city's economy. This would create more reasons to either like or hate the currently elected Mayor, and give the Mayor more to consider when it comes to either pleasing the people or ruling as they see fit.


Additionally, if the city funds money pile is also implemented, there would be an extra objective for thieves/etc who raid the PD other than targeting just the Armory/Printers or assassinating the Mayor.


Players could also have another reason to visit/contact the Mayor to peacefully negotiate tax changes (rather than just for law changes and weapon licenses).


Police/SWAT jobs would also become more appealing due to immunity from income tax.


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So if the money is only taken from a percentage of your pay this idea would be cool, as you're not losing any other money you earned, but it seems unnecessary at the moment. I've seen lots of other servers with this system, and when I first started playing DarkRP, I remember losing a lot of money to this feature and it really made me feel overwhelmed. For now, I'm going to -1 this idea, for the sake of new players.
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