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Warn Appeal - Hyo


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Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:454773285


In-game name: Hyo


Time and date of ban (Use timezone): (I can't see the time, but the date was 21st of June 2021


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: froakie


Further details: I was warned for RDM x 2 (12 Hour Weapon blacklist). I only have one other warn, ARDM - which was because of cross fire. The first RDM was when I tried to mug a cop and he turned around pointing a MP5 at me, from my angle it was just me. But because the rule had changed from 10k max, to 2k max, I was warned. I mugged for 5k. The second was when I was a fugitive and I killed the same guy who was pursuing me and shooting at me before. You can see in the clip within media that I circle the guy before I confirm it was him and kill him.


The first warn was right, but the second wasn't. However, I think I should have just been a verbal warning, because I had not been told up until that point to read the new rule changes. And it was never mentioned on the discord.


Any evidence you can provide: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/790567572453195838/856379083646697552/Garrys_Mod_2021-06-21_13-37-43_Trim.mp4




Have you become familiar with the rules?: Yes, I am now. I spent a long time in the sit reading over all of them to confirm my stance and place

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you can only kill 10 seconds after you start the mug he didnt shoot so it was rdm

No, you can only kill during a mugging if it has been 10 seconds and they haven't dropped their money. However, if they run away or 'refuse', you can shoot them. He pulled out a gun and pointed it towards me after I had yelled mug, which is refusing to comply with a mugging.

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First of all, cops are immune to FearRP which means even if you mug a cop, they can still shoot/arrest you right away when you mug them. You also tried to mug the victim from their back, you must mug in front of the victim so that they will be aware that they're getting mugged before killing them.


Lastly, you cannot kill someone again for the same reason if you already killed them before. The cop already abide the New Life Rule and you still killed him again.


Warn & Blacklist is valid and will stay.

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