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Community Game Night!


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Now this isn’t an offical thread for the community game night, it’s currently just being brain stormed.

Anyone have any party games that is either cheap or free and the community can play on discord!


i was thinking any of the Jack in the box party packs would be so fun!


maybe among us or skribble


have fun discussing and thanks for participating!

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I reckon we just do like a hunger game in g=Gmod. or among us.

I was thinking of doing a Hunger games event in the event room once the economy picks up and I'd be able to buy shipments and place weapons around the arena which I will make there thoughts?

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We used to have a thing like that called friday games night where a host would pick a game and a lot of us would play but than a few of the hosts where banned and now it dont exist but ye would be very cool
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Brawlhala is free and kinda like smash bros.


There's this lesser known cheap game called pummel party which is like this couch multiplayer board game with minigames thing which is pretty cool


Both of em are on steam

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