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Thoughts on the new map?

Freddy Smalls

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The new map is amazing, it just allows for so many more unique RP experiences.

The only issues I personally have are minor things that will all be fixed over time.

I just want to personally thank everyone who played a part in the changeover, we love you and you've done a great job!

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I haven't spent a whole lot of time with the new map but i very much enjoy the interactable around the world but i feel as though a lot of it is closed of and corned compared to the older more open map, i love the size of it and it will definitely fit the growing pop but it just feels a bit closed off. Other then that i do enjoy how unique it is and some of the hidden bits so it'll take some time for me to get used to.
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I personally do not like the mansion area, I prefer the beach because it looked alot cleaner. The PD is a 8/10 for me, reason being for that is since police can break NLR, pd is almost unraidable which is good but it's like the hardest place to raid and you don't really get much profit other than killing the mayor or having slim chances at getting printers.

Mb for the shit punctuation.

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