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Mashed Potatoes Staff report on Arcane

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Your in game name: Mashed Potatoes


Time of incident: 6 PM AEST


Staff member(s) you are reporting: Arcane


Details of the incident:


Today Arcane showed an extremely low level of professionalism,


To elaborate, I was a battle medic with a free runner (raiding but I wasn’t assisting or hired). on this arcane did “/y counter” on the free runner raiding the base, and he proceeded to kill both me and the free runner. (And a side note, he didn’t even press f8 on the door before the “/y counter”)




What he did in the admin sit and after the admin sit:


After going back and forth he told me to “read the rules” I already know the rules of by heart, so I don’t… he proceeded to check the rules himself and realize he made a big fuckie Wukie, now he then proceeds to try and keep my mouth shut by trying to give me money and weapons (said in the video and pm down below)




I called a sit for this incident and arcane himself accepted the ticket, what happened in the sit is only described as extremely unprofessional and rude behaviour from arcane.


What was said in the sit, and after the sit:


Me: “What the Fuck”


Arcane: “What’s going on man”


Me: “you killed me; I wasn’t even raiding”


Arcane: “look in the chat I countered, look in chat I countered, I countered”


Me: “yeah but the guy didn’t even hire me”


Arcane: “so why were you raiding with him?”


Me: “I Wasn’t… I was just there”


Arcane: “Mashed you were just there; you were with him… I think anyone in this situation would kill you as well. Would you not? people just wouldn’t look at the name and go “oh look that should be your problem you didn’t hire him””


Me: “yeah but”


Arcane: “then you shouldn’t be assisting in the raid”


Me: “I never assisted”


Arcane: “then why were you right next to him then?”


Me: “Because I’m allowed to be right next to him”


Arcane: “so you’re telling me during a counter wut… when someone right next to like oh I’m standing right next to battle medic and a thief”


Me: “you need to press f8 on a door before you counter”


Arcane: “no you don’t”


Me: “yes you do”


Arcane “look in the rules, look in the rules, mashed please listen, and look in the rules”


Me: “anyways that still doesn’t give you a right to kill me”


Arcane: “alright, mashed you there? Alright I fucked up, I dint press f8 on the door and I only yelled counter and then killed you… so I’m going to help you”


He then proceeded to drop a shipment of weapons


I then suicide to get my self out of the situation, because my brain felt like it was about to fucking explode


Arcane [PM] -> Mashed Potatoes: “Bruh”


He then tps me back to the sit room... and I kill myself again


Arcane [PM] -> Mashed Potatoes: “Bruh”


Arcane [PM] -> Mashed Potatoes: “I try to apologize and give you money and what u had back, your lose”


Mashed Potatoes [PM] -> Arcane: “Its not that, you were trying to undermind me when I was in the right”


Arcane [PM] -> Mashed Potatoes: “I didn’t know u had to press f8, don’t try use Undermind when I didn’t”


Please realize that this guy is a helper and he doesn’t even know the basic raiding rules


Arcane [PM] -> Mashed Potatoes: “I genuinlly thought you could just /y counter didn’t know u had to press f8 aswell and I tried apologiz”


Arcane [PM] -> Mashed Potatoes: “and when I tried u just killed urself and didn’t care”


Mashed Potatoes [PM] -> Arcane: “because I literally couldn’t be there, you were being so toxic”


Arcane [PM] -> Mashed Potatoes: “im sorry, I hope you accept that I was in the wrong”


Arcane [PM] -> Mashed Potatoes: “did I call u names?”


Arcane [PM] -> Mashed Potatoes: “ how was I being toxic?”


Mashed Potatoes [PM] -> Arcane: “you were being toxic by acting like you were better the nme, you talked over me and you said”


Arcane [PM] -> Mashed Potatoes: “what? Is that really what you think”


Mashed Potatoes [PM] -> Arcane: “read the rules” when you a helper should read the rules


Arcane [PM] -> Mashed Potatoes: “that’s interesting”


Mashed Potatoes [PM] -> Arcane: “it honestly is”


Arcane [PM] -> Mashed Potatoes: “nah it really is interesting that you think that, thanks for the explanation”


Arcane [PM] -> Mashed Potatoes: “have a lovely day mr mashed”





Any evidence (If Any): Chat Logs, Video, and picsarcane.thumb.png.1cab898594f52b586ad5fce24b8e6fa1.png


- what started the event and the admin sit


-this is the [pm] (please not that the quality is bad but you can still read it)
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Ok i would like to start of by saying thank you for putting a report up and i completely understand your frustration at this time, I simply stated in the beginning that you where in the wrong but turns out i was wrong i missed 1 key thing to a rule that should've been obvious to me, Although i didn't press F8 on the door i did /y counter which i thought was the right thing to do, But obviously not and when i did counter i walked into the alley and saw you 2 raiding this guy 1 guy with a lockpick and you standing right next to him with a med kit out healing him if he needs it, You weren't hired at the time which i could've seen that because i wasn't close enough to see your name to see if you where hired or not, I tried asking you why where you even there if you wernt hired in the first place and you said "because i have the right to stand here" and i said sorry for killing you i didn't know you wernt hired you where in the wrong place wrong time at that time. Then after i brang you to the sit to just talk to you, you stated i was in the wrong which i then argued because i re read over the rules yesterday i was angry and arguing because on how much i red the rules yesterday but clearly missed a simple word stating i had to press F8 (Also i have terrible memory which is why i keep rules up on my third monitor).. This is a genuine mistake which i tried apologizing to you for and you kept killing yourself in the sit i tried to fix things for my stuff up and you kept ignoring me and just kept gathering evidence instead of talking to me which i strongly think you should have done in the first place instead of going straight to make a staff ticket, I tried to fix things between you and i because i did a little stuff up and i tried helping you at all costs but you just kept shutting me down, But thank you for opening my eyes.


- Arcane

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