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my time played in Gmod2021-06-16(10).png.6f31d72798bc4157e1bd424b2563c875.png my bans 2021-06-16(9).thumb.png.aabda26490283e9ffe5e242720d1ebd0.pngSteam ID: 76561199121525530 my in game name is Zombie.

https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199121525530/ i believe that i should have trusted because i will try to stop RDM and MRDM and voice abuse wen not in role play mode. ppl that need help i will help in any way i can. like wiring or help with building. i have learned the rules and guidelines. i agree that mi rank will be stripped if wrong doing. i will not aduse powers because if i do is bad for ppl playing the Servers and can make ppl sad.

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