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THE SHERIFFS trusted application

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Trusted application









I believe I should get the trusted role because I would like to be known in the community as a role model to those who do the wrong things.


I can help stop people from nlring or rdming by taking the necessary videos then sending them to the admins who are online


I am familier with the rules and guidelines


I totally agree in the situation that I misuse my role that it should be taken away from me

I will not abuse my powers as a trusted


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I've met you in-game a few times and can't recall a negative interaction.

However, your application is low in detail, poorly made, and the time played needs to be in-server time not in Gmod.

If you could improve your application this would show you actually want the role, and that you are willing to put the effort in on the server.

For now, I'm going to -1 your application, as it lacks detail and seems rushed.

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Hey Sheriff


You have to put the right game time! You can see this when you press tab and look at your name, Another thing is that you don't really have a lot of information on your application.

For now it's a -1 Because I feel you need to add on why you should have trusted a bit more and also try to put the right time on there.

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