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Bat Soup Makers Ban Appeal

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Your SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198127438686/


In-game name: Bat Soup Maker


Time and date of ban (Use timezone): 26/11/2021 7:30 NZT


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: Mythic Gears


Further details: I am appealing the ban "fistwhore". I was a thug and punched 4 people. One of them was my mate, another was a random guy on the street when we engaged in a fist fight, another was in the bank when there was chaos and I punched a guy and he killed me and the last guy I had no reason to punch him and I do realize that does count as ardm but he killed me and I left him alone. About 10 mins later he got me into a sit and I was banned for a day. The guy who brought me into a sit was being a dickhead and saying things like "lol, lmao, shame, cry more" and I was kind of pissed of at that.


Any evidence you can provide: The only evidence I have is my mates and people who can vouch for me


Have you become familiar with the rules?: When I was getting banned Mythic did clarify the rules surrounding "fistwhoring" and I did go over the rules again to keep me up to date with them.


I do accept the fact that I punch the one guy with no reason and If I don't get appealed I understand as I know I am in the wrong. I just think I shouldn't of gotten a fistwhore ban but a weapons blacklist

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Hi there, so you summed up the sit pretty well, you Indeed punched 4 people. When I asked about it in sit I said "what was your reason for punching so many people?" And you replied "one was my mate", you didn't give any reason for any of the other three, if you had said you and someone were fighting I could have gotten his side and possibly given a lesser punishment. As you gave no reason for punching the other three people and someone made a report I have to follow it up, which lead to the 1day ban, which is standard for fistwhore. In future I recommend providing reasons when asked, as I could have checked with the other player you were apparently fighting. I feel it should be noted that you made absolutely no mention of another player agreeing to fight you until after the ban was handed out. Best of luck with your appeal. Also the delay between the incident and the punishment was due to me being the only active staff at the time, Friday nights are always busy so my apologies for not getting there sooner

Mythic Gears

(On phone, soz for formatting issues or anything like that)

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You admitted to punching four people (including your friend), which counts as Fistwhore. When asked to explain yourself, you simply replied that you wanted to punch your friend but instead punched three other individuals, which still counts as Fistwhore (punching 3 or more people). I recommend that you take some time to look over the rules again. Have a great day!

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