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Chenny Chong Appeal

Chenny Chong

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Your SteamID : STEAM_0:1:20487814


In-game name: Chenny Chong


Time and date of ban (Use timezone): 18/11/21 Around 8ish?pm


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: Big Meanie Frosty


Further details: So I was minding my own buisness when i noticed a few new players roaming around the City and i thought to myself as a top bloke, ill give these newbies Automatic Sniper rifles and M249 Machine guns, simply to defend themselves. Well here i am giving these new players a way to defend themselves and thought, while im at it, ill teach them how to properly utilize these self defence weapons which unfortuntely for me, Frosty mis understood what i was trying to do and assumed i was trying to encourage mass rdm by simply overhearing me say "Its easier to kill the ones standing still". To me, i was just trying to teach the basics of combat and when heard out of context, could sound bad. I thought as a veteran player of this server, im trying to start these new players off right and lead by example and give them the best start they could ask for, advice and support from the community.


All i ask, is not to punish the players trying to help, but punish the players who actually commit the mass rdm with guns supplied by gun dealers. You dont arrest the post office for delivering drugs, you arrest the person who mailed the weed in the 1st place.


Thankyou for reading my Appeal.


Any evidence you can provide: I witnesses (Mainly people who massied and were banned)


Have you become familiar with the rules?: Where do i read those?

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Hey Chenny

After pulling you into a sit I explained to you that you had been supplying Mass RDMERS in order to create some chaos on the server. One of the users you supplied had shot multiple people and died, which would be followed by you meeting up with them again to supply them. I don't see how you think this is okay as you are actively trying to get users to ruin the experience of others while trying to dodge punishment yourself . Even in the sit you stated that you were "supplying users" Followed by under your breath "to MRDM". Don't even know why you gave em guns but you have and I do believe that the ban timer has been increased by Pedro and I hope the time period gives you a break to think about supplying users that have NITRP again.


Have a good day.


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Even though you are trying to be a 'top bloke' if you happen to encourage new players by giving them guns just for them to MRDM people instead of actually helping them how to play DarkRP, you are still responsible as you are part of it.

We do not tolerate anyone to promote new players to MRDM or especially break any rules on the server/community.

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