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james sergi ban - GMOD


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Your SteamID:



In-game name: james sergi


Time and date of ban (Use timezone): 16/11/21 - 8:57


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: mythical gears


Further details: i was only trying to shoot one and they ran in front on me


Any evidence you can provide: people were yelling at me


Have you become familiar with the rules?: i have now after being banned

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Hi there.

so the reason you were banned is for MRDM, killing 5 or more players with no rp reason in a relatively short time. i was walking down mainstreet and saw the mayor (you) gun down a group of people with an M249, so i brought you into a sit room, doublechecked logs and you indeed killed 5 players, so you were banned for mass RDM, which carries a 5 day soft ban from the server( as outlined in staff punishment guidelines).

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