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Jeffrey Dahmer - Ban Appeal

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Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:37824515 (https://steamcommunity.com/id/ThePoonRaccoon/)


In-game name: Jeffrey Dahmer


Time and date of ban (Use timezone): 4:55pm 11/11/21


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: Devo


Further details:


Hello, i'm just seeking a little more clarification on the reason i was banned and demoted from Detective.


The server had 10 people online today, many were committing crimes but i couldn't gather any evidence.

This was largely due to me being the only Police officer on duty and being killed by groups of 3 or more.

In order to gather evidence, i thought it would be ok to set up a sting operation and interrogate criminals.


I decided to RolePlay detective, so i established a location as base of Undercover Operations, nextdoor to the PD.

In order to prevent anyone claiming entrapment, i added an AOS sign outside to deter thieves/notify people of this.

The location had no money, weapons/valuables on site it was a shell dupe and was marked "AOS past here" for context.


A guy called Mashed Potato entered illegally, he pulled out a knife so i tazed him and took him to PD to interrogate him.

I had warned him to leave with /y, however he ignored my instruction claiming "you don't have a KOS sign, you can't kill me"

I read him his Miranda rights and notified him that he could request a lawyer to be present for the interrogation process.

to clarify, he was never Arrested; however during the interrogation process, he called an Admin and claimed that it was FailRP.


The Admin (Devo) gave me 1 warning for FailRP, then Banned me for "recent warns" with a demotion, which didn't seem fair.

During the course of undercover police work, it's normal to choose a location for sting operations and stake out for crime.

This is consistent with the role of an undercover detective, however Devo was not interested in my RolePlay reason for this.


I'm posting here because i'm not sure why this rule exists, as i wasn't "basing" for the purpose of breaking the sever rules.

Undercover police officers have been known to "base" with criminals in real life and even sell or consume drugs undercover.

I felt like it wasn't handled fairly and i was given a warning and then banned for the same situation in a matter of 1 minute.


I'm appealing this ban, because i'd like to continue playing on this server; I didn't RDM, RDA or Tazer Rush at any time here.

Nor did i Taze and Handcuff Mashed Potato without cause, however the situation was treated as FailRP despite the info above.


Any evidence you can provide:


Here is a photo of Mashed Potato inside Knife out, past AOS sign he confirmed to Devo existed prior to me handcuffing him.




Have you become familiar with the rules?:


I've looked at the rules and see that police cannot base, i didn't realise this applied entirely to Detectives and promise not to again.

I've gotten 100% in every police test that I've done, the situation had never come up before and i felt it was a very confusing ban.


Thank you for your time

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Hi Jeffrey,


I will start by addressing your claim that what you did was to gather evidence: I am unsure how a barebones base in mainstreet is going to help you in gathering evidence of crimes. As for you 'interrogating' Mashed, I got to his ticket complaining about you owning a base and trying to lock him in the cells about 2 minutes after it was opened and I caught you red handed with him cuffed, trying to lock him in the cells instead of using Officer Jim. Furthermore, you still owned the base well after your disguise was no longer active which you have zero reason to do. Your AOS sign directly went against your job when you were disguised as there is no RP reason for a citizen to have an AOS sign. Given the fact that your AOS sign is invalid, you would have been required to issue a /y to either Mashed for his 1h weapons which you also failed to do. Furthermore, AOS signs in this circumstance act the same as KOS signs; You cannot have open doors and enforce the signs simultaneously. To own a base as a detective it must be near suspected criminals, otherwise, what is the point of owning it? You were (presumably) taught this in your PD training.


I felt like it wasn't handled fairly and i was given a warning and then banned for the same situation in a matter of 1 minute.


As for this comment, you were not warned and then banned separately like you make it out to be with this. Your warning was there to go on your record and the ban was there to, well, ban you. If what you mean by this is that the warning said "FailRP (Recent Warns) then yes, you were banned because you had recently been warned for FailRP and you re-offended in a given amount of time which warrants a ban.


I would also like to add, merely as a side note, that your demeaner in the sit was rather passive aggressive and confrontational towards mashed and you were essentially being rude to him simply because he called an admin after you did the wrong thing. I will say that it would be in your best interest to maybe consider lightening up the attitude for future to ensure everyone enjoys their time on the server.


I hope my clarification is adequate and I encourage you to not be disheartened by this but instead learn from your mistakes and better yourself for the future.




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As a Detective, you are allowed to base outside of the PD but you may not place down any fading doors.

Owning fading doors a police role would be FailRP.


Also, while you are disguised as a citizen, you cannot have AOS signs! Not to mention, you can't place AOS signs outside government areas!

This could also be classed as FailRP.


You also should of used the NPC to jail the person, then go an interrogate the person in the PD.. instead of using your own cell.


I believe the warn/ban/demotion is fair and will stay.

Edited by Tuppy
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Ban Extended

Due to your behaviour on the forums and the commenting on various staff members profiles, your ban has been extended to 1w and you have received an extra-warning in-game. Once you return to the server in a weeks time, I suggest you reflect on your actions on both the forums and server, while also treating all members of the community with respect.

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